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Get Involved

We can all spend our whole life discussing what is wrong in the world today & complain, live in fear, and endure hardships in the world today, or we can “get involved” by using the Panacea Project and achieve a fabulous life which is provided to us but not fully explored.

What group do you belong to?




Media Professionals


Individual who wants to make an impact

Are you part of the 1% of people considered to be the "most fortunate"?

Are you part of the 10% of people who are considered to "have it all"?


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What is the PANACEA POWER Group?

Proactive Effort to Achieve

Honesty and Integrity

Hard Work


Desire to Make an Impact

What can I do?

Exploring the Forum page, you can see that there are various fields into which we are expanding. This is our ever-growing frontier to have an impact on the world. Here is the current line-up of fields we are investing into:

Health and Wellness

Financial Prosperity

Knowledge and Innovation

Do you feel intrigued by one or more of these fields?

Feel free to explore our expansive collection of ever-growing content. Knowledge is gained by those that share their thoughts, so we encourage all our visitors to become members and contribute to our movement!

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Panacea Project is a branch of the International Institute of Solutions, a Non-Profit organization.


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